WordPress or WooCommerce user manual on adding categories and products

How to add Categories?
Mouse Hover Product
Click on the Category, you will get a form
Just fill up teh below fields
– Name: Type the category name
– Slug: no need to fill it, leave it
– Parent: Select is your category is a sub category> Otherwise leave it.
– Description: Type a little intro about the category if you have, or leave it.
– Display type: No Need, Leave It
– Thumbnail: Click on the “Upload/Add image” button, Upload a image and add that image.

Click on the “Add New Product Category” button and
you are done.Check the list on the right.

How to add author?
Mouse Hover Product
Click on the Author, you will get a form
Just fill up the below fileds
– Name: Type the author name
– Slug: no need to fill it, leave it
– Description: Type a little intro about the Author if you have, or leave it.
Click on the “Add New Author” button and
you are done. Check the list on the right.


How to add Products?

Mouse Hover Product
Click on the Add Product, you will get a form
Just fill up the below fileds
– Product Name: Type the book name
– Below Product name there is a large text area. Enter here all information of the book.
– Product Short Description: Enter short description of the book.
– Product Data: No Need to fill anything here, Leave this secion
– Custom Fields: No Need to fill anything here, Leave this secion
– Author: “Choose from the most used authors”by clicking this link you will get all enlsted authors, just click on the author name or write and add if there is a new author
– Product Categories: Select category from this section
– Featured Image: Set a Image from here
– Product Tags: No need, leave it
– Product Gallery: No need, leave it

Now scroll up and hit the “Publish” Button and
You are done. Check the Products > Products (left menu) and also on the website.


Joomla! 3 installation freezes at creating database table

After long time I try to install Joomla and it is Joomla 3.3.0 and face a problem as like you. All things are ok but its taking too much time during database table creation. And here is the solution

To solve this go to

Your joomla folder\installation\sql\mysql and open Joomla.sql file find the term


and replace ALL with


MyIsam is more supported and compatible with Joomla.

Do also the same with (sample_data.sql) file, if it’s quickstart setup.

How to change WordPress default email From name and address?

There are many method to change default wordpress email settings. Here you can see two methods.
FIRST ONE: Very easy, just download the plugin (Change WP eMail) and install and configure it.

SECOND ONE: It is very easy too 😀 and I like this one.

First of all you need to find and open functions.php file – it should be in your template folder.

Open it and either at the beginning or the end (as you prefer) – paste the following code:

/** changing default wordpress email settings */

add_filter('wp_mail_from', 'new_mail_from');
add_filter('wp_mail_from_name', 'new_mail_from_name');

function new_mail_from($old) {
   return 'your email address';
function new_mail_from_name($old) {
   return 'your name or your website';

Obviously you have to replace ‘your email address’ with your actual address, and ‘your name or your website’ with the name that you want to appear as FromName on all messages.

Now, save file and upload.

These filters will simply override default WordPress email settings.

I hope one of these two solutions worked for you, share and enjoy.

How to add Products in osCommerce?

To add products in osCommerce please follow the steps below:

  •     Log into your administration page for OsCommerce.
  •     Click on the Catalog link within the main area. This will display all your categories that you have created.
  •     Click on the category name for which you wish to add the product, or the sub-category to.
  •     To open that category, double-click the name after it is highlighted.
  •     If you wish to add a sub-category, then just click the New Category button and follow the same steps as before.
  •     To add the product, click New Product.
  •     Now complete the requested fields that you wish to use. There is an attached text document which provides definitions of the areas.
  •     Once you have entered all of the data, then you can add product attributes like colour. If the product allows the visitor to choose a specific colour or option then we need to enter this in the Product Attributes section afterwards. But first click preview and click Insert to create the product.

To add a manufacturer complete these steps:

  •     Log into your administration page for OsCommerce.
  •     Click the Manufacturers link within the main area. This will display all your manufacturers.
  •     Click the manufacturer name to edit or delete it.
  •     Click Insert to add a new manufacturer.
  •     Enter the manufacturer name, browse for an image if there is one and enter a manufacturer’s URL, if applicable.
  •     Once done, click Save.

To add a new tax class follow these steps:

  •     Log into your administration page for OsCommerce.
  •     Click the Location/Taxes link within the main area.
  •     Then click the Tax Zone link.
  •     Add a name for the tax zone you wish to create. This is similar to a tax category.
  •     Once it is inserted, then click the Tax Classes link and add a tax class. This is what is displayed on the web page and invoices when created as to what type of tax it is.
  •     Now click the Tax Rates link.
  •     Add the tax rate. Select the specific Tax Class and Tax Zone, then add the tax rate used for this.


How to add product attributes or product option in osCommerce?

Assuming you’ve already logged into osCommerce application, let’s now learn how to setup Product Attributes in osCommerce. Click the second button on the left called Catalog menu which is below the configuration menu, it will take you to the new page which says Categories / Products,

product attribute

Product Attributes
on the extreme left there is a sub header which says Products attributes, click on it, it will display the current attributes that can be defined to a product in your store, for example lets assume that your product has 5 attributes namely color, size, model, memory and version, besides each of these attributes you will find an edit and a delete button, now scroll down, you will see three boxes besides the color option which says en: de: and es: enter a new color option  in the box which says en: for the color attribute, lets say you enter Blue, now click insert button besides it, now scroll down again and enter a new color lets say Red in the en box, and click the insert button besides it, now on the top right you can see pages 1,2 etc Click on page 2 to view the next page of options, scroll right, click edit for this product,

product attribute

click on the Model under the column Option Name and select the color option, select color, click on the box under the Option value and select the appropriate option value, let say you select Blue, the click update button on the extreme right.

That’s it, we have successfully changed a products color option, you can add as many product attributes and associated attribute values, as necessary to describe the products in your store, now you know how to add product attributes in osCommerce.